HDMusic Ghana  foundation is a grass roots international live music and circus Band aiming to fundraise to build a circus school for African youth in Cape Coast, Ghana.  

Currently based in Vancouver BC, HDMusic Ghana is an international collaboration of Ghana and Canada, directed by Mr. Fantastik, Ghana born circus acrobat and roots-life reggae dance hall artist,  and Co 

The main goal of HDMusic Ghana is is to build and run a circus school for international talent learning and performing arts development for orphans, street kids, and young artists that need an access to resources and proper training in Ghana. This school will be a foundation for the children to further develop their talent, to continue working towards their dreams, and achieve their goals to become an acrobat. 


The goal is to raise at least $50,000 by June 2022 to start building a school in Ghana. HDMusic Ghana has been also collaborating with Ghanaian artists to co-organize a big street carnival in Cape Coast every year to further promote the circus school project. 

HDMusic  has just completed West Coast Canada fundraising tour for the school project. They have toured 10 communities running circus camps and evening circus/music shows for all ages. The fundraising for the school is ongoing and any successful individuals or corporate interested in helping building a better community for children with limited access to resources are always welcomed and will be greatly appreciated. 



I took the street on my shoulders – Mr Fantastik, Click image for more new

I took the street on my shoulders – Mr Fantastik, Click image for more new

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The workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging through music and drumming for children – early childhood, kindergarten, and young adults in primary and secondary school settings.   

It is a great opportunity to enhance your curriculum or extra curricular activities with cultural program that align with initiatives such as The National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program.  

HDMusic Ghana  workshops provide children to learn and experience African culture through unique instruments, costume, history/story, traditional songs, music and dance. The program is designed to encourage children to actively participate in learning by providing a culturally safe environment. Through this unique, special experience and learning based on rich, colorful culture of West Africa, children will be able to learn to express themselves with music, dance, drumming and much more. 

 HDMusic Ghana as been providing workshops for schools, colleges, councils, disability organizations, and after school care and youth all over Canada.

For more information on the program, please email MrFantastikPR@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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