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Africa Soul Train Circus: Canada Fundraising Tour 2017-18 

Africa soul train reggae circus band, last two years did a west coast Canada Tour to raise money to build a center for national culture learning and talent development for the street kids in Cape Coast, Ghana. We toured over 15 islands playing and teaching circus acrobatics. Capoeira, African drumming and dancing day time and the evening with an explosive live music accompany by couple of Dj’s at the end of each set for the band. Africa Soul Train Circus is a collaboration between seasonal circus and musicians from Ghana now based in Vancouver, BC and a unique various talent across the world teamed up to help raise an awareness on drug abuse across Canada and also to raise money to help facilitate the ongoing Circus school building in Cape Coast, Ghana for street kids. 

The circus' show uses aerial rope and hoops, African bowl spinning and human pyramids to keep people on the edge of their seats. 

Music by Spanish reggae artist - Newlyon Nayen and Mr. Fantastik, performing roots and dancehall reggae, will open the show before the acrobatics gets underway. DJing will continue until late. 

The show is more than a performance. There is a very serious mission to change lives behind it. 

Jeanine, a Registered Nurse, has teamed up with Ghanaian musician and circus performer Mr. Fantastik as a volunteer to co-found African Soul Train Circus this year in order to raise money to build an international circus school to work with impoverished children in Ghana's Cape Coast. Plans for Africa Soul Train Circus School can be seen on its website: 


The organizers are also partnering with the NGO Hoops Care International, Sankofa mbofra fie, which was set up in 2008 in Ghana to "empower youth through sports, music, dance, and circus acrobatics". 

Our tour is about raising awareness for drug abuse, finding sponsorships, finding interested people who want to help with this project and promoting it. We stopped in a lot of different communities on the tour last two years to teach a circus camp, give kids and family a chance to hang out with circus folks. 

This project is an ongoing in its pilot phase, and this is our second tour. We are visiting more than 10 communities in January and February in the West Coast of Canada and then make our way up to Alberta from the end of March to the end of Spring. 

Mr. Fantastik grew up on the streets of Ghana as an acrobat. There is a ton of acrobat talent in Africa, in Cape Coast and that area and that is where he's from. He came from busking on the streets as a five-year-old street performer, to performing on international stages all over the world. He's now living in Canada. 

But what will the Ghanaian youngsters get out of it? Mr. Fantastik wants to exhibit his talent to inspire the youth out here in Canada to put their time in a good use such as sport, music, and education rather than drugs and also wants the street kids in Ghana to pick up the acrobatic skills in an organized way and learn the aerial performance style he uses himself, as there is nothing like that in the country at the moment. 

There is no international circus school in Ghana. Eventually, we want to encourage the street kids, to give them the means and support to become international artists. Cavalia, the big horse and circus production, just brought a number of talents from Africa and created a big acrobatic troupe and it's now a huge part of their show. 

It shows so much power and gives so much strength and hope. There is so much dance there and musical traditions in Ghana that draw on acrobatics, too. 

Land in Ghana has already been donated to the project. 

The project it will only take $50,000 to get the entire project up and running, teaching 30 to 50 students. 

Mr. Fantastik and his collaborators plan to fly out to Cape Coast at the end of the tour to get things underway. Then the team will establish local contacts to sponsors and other stakeholders. 

We have already started laying the foundation stones for the school. We will be there for six weeks in our first go to get it off the ground. We are already recording as we go, but we'd like to pull it all together and make a solid documentary for our future presentation. 

This is a grassroots project of international proportions. We supported our project with our own personal finances and booking the tour last two years. This year we are lucky to be supported and powered by BC Art Council. 

I wish we could raise the whole $50,000 this way, but we are going to have to talk to sponsors and people who are interested in the project to see what they can commit and just keep talking about it. And I will be applying for grants and funding as time goes on. 

You will find more information on the link: 

DONATE : https://www.gofundme.com/africasoultrainsch 

Africa Soul Train Circus School (ASTCS) : Circus Center Fundraising 


Africa Soul Train Circus: Westcoast Fundraising Tour 


 Professional unique inspirational and captivating
Africa Soul Train (AST) was created by musical and artistic director Jeffrey Wood (Mr. Fantastik).  African Soul Train is an internationally recognised  company that has worked with professionals, students and travellers from around the world. AST leaves a long lasting impression on those who cross their paths around the world.



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Africa Soul Train Circus is a grass roots international circus troupe that is fundraising to build a circus school for African Youth in Cape Coast, Ghana. Currently based in Vancouver BC,/Toront ON,  Africa Soul Train Circus is an international collaboration of Ghana and Canada, directed by Ghana born circus acrobat, and roots-life reggae dance hall  artist, Jeffrey wood .Mr.Fantastik, And Jenine lee a nurse from Canada ,
The goal of Africa Soul Train Circus is to build and run a circus school for international talent learning and performing arts development for orphans, street kids, and young artists that need support in Ghana. This school would provide the facilites and teachers to support youth in attaining their dreams.
Our goal is to raise at least $50.000 by june 1st, 2020  to provide enough money to bring us to Ghana and start the building of the circus school. 
Africa Soul Train Circus is also collaborating with Ghana artists, to co-produce a very large outdoor street carnival in Cape Coast on October 7th, 2017 to further promote the circus school project.
Currently, Africa Soul Train Circus is has finished West Coast Canada Fundraising Tour for the school project. They  toured 10 communities, running circus camps and evening circus/music shows for all ages. Proceeds all go to supporting this project. 

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Did you know new research shows that rhythm is fundamental to how the brain works and good rhythm promotes good health both physically and mentally leading to longer, happier lives”.

Africa soul train drum teacher Nana fynn also known as Mr fantastik have been teaching and facilitating drumming classes and workshops for almost 15 years. Rhythm is contagious and everyone can do it, so come and join in the fun!” 

African soul train  caters for all levels of West African drumming classes. From beginner to advanced and ensemble to private tuition.

Drum lessons will focus on a variety of  traditional West African rhythms and students will have the opportunity to play different African instruments including djembe, dundun ,percussion. Fontomfrom and Phanlogo ,

Drumming classes will be educational, challenging and require only yourself and a smile! On completion of each term students will have the opportunity to perform at local Community Events!

Beginners Drumming Classes

Our beginners drumming classes are for anyone wanting to try their hands on a drum with no previous drumming or music experience needed. Everyone is welcome to come and play and we encourage families with children 8+ to come and share the excitement of drumming together.

These classes will show you the different parts that make African rhythms so groovy and contagious. We will introduce you to African instruments and the sounds they make, with simple ways to find the sounds on your drum.  We will play with fun coordination and rhythm skills to get you grooving together. These skills will be based on one West African rhythm over the five weeks so you will be able to take these part away and play them together or in a drum circle.  There will also be the opportunity to explore your own style and musical creativity in a relaxed and fun environment. So come play with us and get into some rhythm culture!

If you have never drummed before and want to see a  rhythm or two or are looking for some new rhythms to try we have hundreds of free djembe rhythms to teach you.

Experienced Drumming Classes

These classes are for drummers with a few years under their belt. Classes will teach traditional West African rhythms and experienced players will appreciate core exercises, coordination exercises, call and response and complex ensemble parts including dundun. The focus of this class is to create an ensemble using a variety of West African instruments and to explore the complex rhythms of Africa! Musicians, performers, music teachers and percussionists will enjoy the challenging rhythms, breaks and solos. 
Cost is $200 for five week course and if needed drum hire is $5 per class. You can now book your drumming classes in our on line contact 

Terms and Conditions: 10 x drumming classes and 5 x drumming classes are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged for classes at a later date once the term has started. 

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Africa soul train Culture brings West African drumming, dancing, music and culture to  Our team provides performances, workshops and classes for children, youth, adults, organisations, companies, councils and schools. 

Africa soul train offers regular weekly drumming and dancing classes, DRUM SING DANCE programs, team building workshops, disability and youth workshops, performances, Christmas functions, school & holiday programs, wedding entertainment, private tuition and a wide range of West African instruments. Based in the Vancouver Bc, Rhythm Culture travels Canada and world wide to share and create music. 

Creating a hub for live music, classes and local events, Africa soul train is a community for everyone. If you like to Drum, Sing or Dance, we want to hear from you!

Do you want to have fun? Do you want to find your rhythm? You are at the right place ,

Do you want to have fun? Do you want to find your rhythm? You are at the right place ,




Our interactive and engaging DRUM SING DANCE workshops are for children and young adults in Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Prep, Primary and Secondary school settings. 

Enhance your curriculum or extra curricular activities with cultural programs that align with initiatives such as The National  Quality Standard Professional Learning Program .

Africa soul train  workshops provide children with an insight into traditional culture through instruments, costume, story, song, music and dance whilst ensuring that young people are; being activated creatively through social and cultural education developing and strengthening communication skills enhancing self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-confidence levels 
being encouraged to use abstract ideas and problem solving techniques motivated through sound, physical activity and community engagement. 

We consider these skills and practices essential to the growth and development of independent, competent young happy individuals.  Most importantly, through the diverse rich culture of West Africa, children will be given the opportunity to make music in an enchanting and delightful environment.  Africa soul train currently provides workshops for Councils, Schools, Colleges, Active After School Care and Youth and Disability organisations all over Canada. For more information and program details Ph 778-984-8535 or email infor @ rasfynn@hotmail.com



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  • Emily

    Emily Calgary

    Am soo sad I missed your show at the folk festival ,I will for sure make it to the reggae festival on the 20, you are full of love and motivation , my son can't stop talking about you ,

    Am soo sad I missed your show at the folk festival
    ,I will for sure make it to the reggae festival on the 20,
    you are full of love and motivation , my son can't stop talking about you ,

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